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Solve The Hidden Mystery...

How To Decode Your Son, Toddler To Teen

without all the eye-rolling, yelling, and crying


Enjoying More Moments With Our Boys

“I was so tired of showing up to the library playgroup and getting the judgy stares from other moms. And don’t even get me started on my older son’s tween-sulk when I ask him to do something so simple as bringing his dish to the counter!

"Working with Janet, I’m finally starting to see progress and enjoying more moments with both of my boys–everything from healthier reactions to screen time, family walks before dinner, all the way to an easier bedtime.”

-Britney, Oregon

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You collapse on the sofa after yet another silent standoff.

tired parent

Or a screaming match. Or one of those epic tantrums in which he *actually* banged his arms and legs on the ground.

Oof–sorry passersby at Safeway…

sound familiar?

(I promise, I wasn’t *actually* in your house last night… or 15 minutes ago!)

You want a meaningful,

healthy relationship

with your son, but all you get in return for your extra efforts seems to be a sulky attitude, single-syllable answers, and a demand for more screen time.

You have a pile of books well-meaning friends have given you. You’ve received your third call from school this week and have a list of must-dos from the school counselor. Your mom has definitely weighed in with her opinions…multiple times… and I'm betting this ever-growing list just adds to your stress, right?

It almost makes you yearn for the newborn days when it was always a simple answer–food, diaper, sleep. (Until you remember, there was still a whole lot of tears involved…)

You see yet another list of parenting advice: “How to raise happy, healthy kids…” and it’s either chock-full of “oh duh” strategies that are just basic common sense, or it’s brimming with generalities that might work for your cousin Tilda’s kid, but definitely not yours…

And you wonder… did any of these people actually raise a boy like yours? Because their answers make it seem like unless your boy is behaving like a prim little female 1st grader, you’re doing it wrong…

mom who needs help

You feel so, so alone–surely no one else is so completely overwhelmed at raising their boy?

What if–while you’re trying to find the answer to finally understanding what your boy is all about –you actually miss out on the relationship with him you’ve been dreaming about all along?

Your boy is already giving you the clues you need to decode what’s going on with him. You just have to learn how to use the code he’s giving you so you can connect with him.

Most people think it’s about getting your boy to fall. in. line. But they’re wrong.

And that’s why following their advice–till now–hasn’t given you the better relationship with him you desire.

It’s why the never-ending lists of strategies and to-do’s stress you out.

And it’s why all their advice feels a lot like judgment–and scolding. You! The Parent!

What if–instead of you getting your boy to fall in line with your adult thinking–you were able to decode what he’s already thinking, feeling, and doing?

Here’s the deal with your boy: he’s growing and developing and crazy cool things are happening with his body and brain all the time. And sometimes that means what worked with him yesterday simply isn’t going to work anymore. And other times that means we’re expecting way too much of him. Or way too little from him.

"It is deeply encouraging to know that we are all struggling to find the language, tone, and words."

"I just finished listening to the recorded Zoom call…how wonderful that you got to dive in deeper. I got a lot from the conversations just listening on my own. It is deeply encouraging to know that we are all struggling to find the language, tone, and words to facilitate growth and connection and minimize the tension and drama with our sons. Thank you for being our guide!"

Kaley, Oregon