What if… what your son says and does wasn’t such a mystery?

Decode your boy’s behavior and build a better relationship with him

Every parent has a few wake-up moments…

were these some of yours?

boy playing with truck

You bring your newborn home and–

sure, you cave to society’s pressure and have him bundled in a cozy, baby blue blanket–you think you’ll raise him just like you would a girl. Until, of course, that oh-so-interesting day when someone places a truck in his hand and he immediately vrroooooms that truck into an epic smash and crash.

spending quality time with your son

You’re swimming along in life,

thinking you’ve done a pretty dang good job at this whole parenting thing till you get the dreaded call from school or daycare and they drop the your-kid-walloped-this-other-kid bomb. And you know how when you first heard that, you wavered between, “Wow, what did the other kid do to deserve that?” and the sheer horror that your son hit another? Because that is not how you raised your kid!

parent feeling frustrated

And then comes the day

that you find out your kid was googling, shall we say, slightly less than appropriate images, and the leftover lasagna you had for lunch starts gaining mass in your stomach and turning into a pit of dread–how exactly are you supposed to deal with this?

You don’t have to collapse on the couch in yet another silent standoff with your son…

You want (and deserve) a meaningful, healthy relationship with him.

You've got the pile of books and podcast recommendations from well-meaning friends…

But, seriously, have they actually raised a boy like yours?

Most parents and teachers think it’s about getting your boy to

fall. in. line.

But they’re wrong.

mom and son hanging out

And that’s why following their advice–till now–hasn’t given you the better relationship with him you desire.

It’s why the never-ending lists of strategies

and to-do’s stress you out.

mom stressed over parenting
stress-free homework time after school

What if–instead of you getting your boy to fall in line with your adult thinking–you were able to decode what he’s already thinking, feeling, and doing?

Here's what's happening with your boy:

he’s growing and developing and crazy cool things are happening with his body and brain all the time. And sometimes that means what worked yesterday doesn't work today. And other times that means you are expecting way too much of him. Or way too little from him.

a positive impact on our daily family life

"The DECODE program has helped me focus on my parenting goals – while I always “try” to be the best parent possible, life happens. Having these calls twice a month has been a great reminder for me to stay focused.

The program has also provided me many tools & techniques that I have been able to apply immediately with my son, seemingly simple strategies like using humor, being curious, and making micro connections have really had a positive impact on our daily family life. Thank you, Janet!"

- Jen

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Hi, I'm Janet

And what I’d like to share with you most of all is this one piece of knowledge: boys are not the problem.

I’ve spent more than 20 years as a teacher, teacher mentor, and a family coach. I’ve been featured on radio programs, podcasts, and TV segments.

I will continue to pour countless hours into supporting boy-parents and teachers because–

We aren’t doing our boys any favors by expecting them to fit our expectations–expectations that go against their nature. We’re setting up cultural and societal problems that will continue unchecked unless we change our approach and work with our boys as they are–not as we want them to be...

janet allison living the van life

Our boys will continue to struggle until we stop giving them mixed messages–that boys should be strong, tough, unemotional while also being caring, supportive, and emotionally intelligent.

Life as a boy-parent can be challenging and confusing, especially with all the conflicting information out there. But you don’t have to go it alone.

Your son is already giving you the clues

You simply need a way to decipher them… and meet him where he’s at now

It’s time to dive in with your detective super-powers to finally understand the “why” behind what your son does, says, and feels:

Decoding your boy: less yelling, more connecting

Perfect for parents who:

  • Feel lost and overwhelmed at the (seemingly) mysterious daily changes in their boys
  • Have read a parenting book or two, but don’t see how to apply the generic tactics to their sons' unique personality
  • Can’t stand the judgy looks when talking in friend groups about their boy challenges
  • Simply desire hope and guidance in discerning what their parenting blind spots are

Each monthly training covers a specific theme–based on what you worry and wonder about.

In addition to each month’s training session, you’ll also have direct access to Janet with on-the-spot coaching and an entire session dedicated to your most pressing boy-parenting questions.

That’s right - each month includes TWO direct-access calls with boy-expert Janet Allison. And they’re recorded, so if you can’t make the call time you still have it all at your fingertips in a private membership area!

List of themes

  • HOW TO GET HIM TO LISTEN - the first time!
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF DAD & OTHER MEN (even if you’re a solo mom)

Get into the nitty-gritty of what's going on with your son... so you can finally forge the deeper relationship with him that you have long desired

And... Find an accepting community of like-minded parents who are “in the weeds” at the same time you are, practicing to reinforce what you learn–with the support of the group!

“My family has gotten so much stronger in my time with you!”

"Honestly, I feel like my family has gotten so much stronger in my time with you! The monthly group calls have helped me refocus and reset the way I think about parenting.

The knowledge about boys you have shared has helped me see my role as mom in a totally different light –and my kids are responding so much better! No major disagreements or explosive arguments lately!

- Steff

The ‘Boy Decoded’ Guarantee

If you join the Decoding Your Boy community and don’t feel you have access to the “inside track” of how your boy is thinking and feeling, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Our primary goal is to share timely info about your boy’s development and what you can truly expect from each stage. If you don’t feel you’re receiving that, we’d love to hear from you and make it better!

dad and son playing

Joining Decoding Your Boy is like the difference between reading the book and reading the book with an expert guide at your side where you really dig into the book, get the meaning–and then be able to APPLY IT to YOUR unique family!

You are not alone in your desire for a connected, real relationship with your boy! (He wants that, too!)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve read so many parenting books –some even specifically on raising boys–and they don’t seem to match my boy and our situation. How is this different?

First off, I hear you! There’s LOTS of advice out there. It is hard to translate it in a consistent way to your situation - a constantly changing situation, too. He’s rambunctious (or not); he’s neurodivergent (or not), he’s got learning challenges (or not), or he’s going through a sullen phase…

Know this: Both monthly sessions are 75-minutes long. You will have plenty of access to ask me questions about your boy’s unique situation (and maybe you’ll find out it’s not so unique and others on the call experience it as well!).

This is a non-judgmental zone of parents all aligned with the same goal: raising good boys to become great men - no matter what phase they are in right now.

Is this boys of every age?

Yes! We talk broadly about boys and boy-development and the way most boys communicate and relate — the learnings apply to young boys (isn’t it great to have the boy-friendly communication tools early?) as well as applying to your tween and teen… and yes, even the adult men in your life!

How much time is required?

You’ll enjoy TWO live calls every month, each 75-minutes.

Practicing new strategies requires an investment of time and intention. We’re here to encourage you!

As with all learning environments, you can put as little or as much into it as you desire. Joining us live is best, however, life happens. The recordings (plus bonus material) are available to watch on your own time for three months (invite your parenting partner to join you!).

mom playing with son

Make this year the turning point for your family.

Move past your old stories of yelling, frustration, and disconnection. Understand the reasons behind your son's actions. Shed that "I'm the only one going through this" feeling. This can be your year to say, "No more."

Say goodbye to nagging and lofty parenting theories and hello to real talks, real strategies, and a real relationship that you can be proud of–even if right now, it feels like all you do is yell at each other.

Decoding Your Boy helps you discern what you need, what your son needs, and helps you find those blind spots, and grow in a safe, accepting space so you can raise your happy and healthy boy into a wonderful man.

Raise your boy into a happy, healthy man

who trusts you and wants to stay connected to you - always.

decoding your boy


  • (2) 75-minute live calls each month
  • membership community with access to three months of recorded past calls
  • and bonus materials