Decoding Your Boy: Less Yelling, MORE Connecting

Life as a growing boy is confusing and challenging!

Which as a boy-parent can be challenging, too.. but it doesn't have to be!

Join me, Janet Allison, your very own boy expert,

for REAL TIME conversations, learning, & problem-solving,

along with other like-minded parents,

in this monthly group program.

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  • TWO 75-minute LIVE calls with Janet each month

  • Membership community with access to all archives

  • Access to all bonus materials and webinars- past and future!

  • Direct access to Janet - ask her your questions - she'll answer on air

You BOTH deserve a meaningful,

healthy relationship

A relationship that begins with understanding how he operates, along with learning how to trust yourself.

Which is SO MUCH EASIER when you know his code!

He's growing ... and crazy cool things are happening

with his body & brain all the time.

Sometimes that means you are expecting way too much of him... while, at other times, way too little.

Learn more about your boy's behavior & development so that you stay connected at any age - toddler to teen.

Decoding your boy: less yelling, more connecting

Decoding Your BOY is perfect for YOU if you are:

  • Feeling lost and overwhelmed at the (seemingly) mysterious daily changes in your son

  • DONE with reading the parenting books because they never seem to apply to your unique situation

  • Tired of feeling alone and judged when talking with friends (or family) about your boy-challenges

  • YEARNING for personalized guidance in how to grow your parenting tool-box to match your son's growth


Move past your old stories of yelling, frustration, fear, and disconnection.

DECODING YOUR BOY helps you discern what YOU need, what YOUR SON needs, and gives you the know-how to build that meaningful connection every parent searches for.

(I encourage you to act now - don't wait until things are rocky!)

If you've still got a minute... read on to learn more ...

Here's how it works:

Each month, we cover a specific theme - the ones you worry and wonder about.

SESSION ONE features Janet teaching you, reminding you of what you already know, supporting you, answering your questions, and sharing the latest in all-things-boys.

SESSION TWO is dedicated to your most pressing boy-parenting questions. You get support from Janet and from like-minded parents who have likely been-there/done-that and have wise experience to share.

That's right - each month includes TWO 75-minute Zoom calls with Janet.

Always on the 1st and 15th at 1:00 pm pacific

Join anytime, stay as long as you'd like!


Don't worry if you have to miss the live call...they're recorded!

You'll have forever-access in your private membership area.

After all, your son is constantly changing so you'll have all the themes to refer back to

when you need them most.

Some of our monthly themes:

  • HOW TO GET HIM TO LISTEN - (the first time!)






Hi - I'm Janet.

I've raised two daughters & am now loving being grandma to a boy!

I'm a veteran educator & have been a FAMILY COACH for more than 25 years - helping parents (just like you) learn about their boys, how to have realistic expectations, and implement strategies that actually work!

I co-host the ON BOYS PARENTING PODCAST, interviewing best-selling authors, thought leaders, and experts on all-things-boys.

My passion is talking with parents - coaching, teaching, and cheering you along on this wild, roller coaster ride! That's why I created the DECODING YOUR BOY group program!

I look forward to meeting you!

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Moms & Dads Love DECODE!

“I just love this community! This month especially, I felt like so many parents breathed a sigh of relief knowing they weren’t alone, it’s normal and we were given tools to deal with big emotions. Thank you!”   Sylvie

“These sessions always bring me back to my goal - connection with my boys. So good to be reminded every month of our goals, frame of mind, and developing and practicing new tools.”  Ronnie

“I have been in survival mode for so long - not thriving at all. I am ready to shift.  You're helping me see how that is possible!”  Helene

"I always find you to be encouraging, practical, and helpful!” Steve

"The DECODE program has helped me stay focused on my parenting goals -- while I always try to be the best parent possible, life happens! Having these calls twice a month is a great reminder to stay focused!" Jen

Let's raise boys to be happy, healthy men - together!

Understanding him is the first step!

decoding your boy


  • Two 75-minute live calls each month

  • Membership community with access to all archives

  • Access to all bonus materials & webinars - past & future

  • Direct access to Janet - ask her your questions - she'll answer on air